Ronnie Johnson – January 25

“I’m a simple country man who loves to share my God-given gift of song with Lovers of Music. You might say that my voice & style is what you get when Hank Williams Jr. meets Waylon Jennings.My musical goal is to leave a legacy that touches a lot of regular blue-collar people.musician

As a musician who works a full-time day job with no label or pro management, I perform 150-200 shows a year solo & with willing band-mates. We have pressed 5 original albums & 2 Live albums and I depend on the sale of those CDs to fund our tours, pay our bills, and most importantly, get my music out there to music lovers ears. My friend Senecawolf has enabled me to bypass record companies, publishers, and other middlemen, as we bring my music directly to the people who attend my shows, unchained & unrestricted by money-changing whores.” – Ronnie Johnson


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