State Aerie & Auxiliary Convention

2014 Virginia FOE

The 107th annual VA State Aerie and the 37th annual VA State Auxiliary convention in Fredericksburg was attended by trustee Charlie Elgin, president Kathy Elgin, vice president Mary Ball, treasurer Beth Houde. Trustee Vicky Mashaw and inside guard Tonya Harding.

Meeting highlights included the announcement of the final payment to fulfill the Grands pledge of $25 million for the diabetes research center in Ohio is being made this year. Per capita assessment increases for both organizations were approved. The Auxiliary was Recognized as one of 3 who doubled their membership quota targets. Aerie membership goals will now focus on net membership vs new members.

Our representatives made lots of new friends and established new relationships that will keep our aerie involved with the state and in the loop to share success stories.

State 2014 Convention Eagles State Meeting


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