Tracy Longerbeam Fundraiser – Saturday at the Races

Live Races All Day Long

Tracy, a member for many years, sustained a severe foot injury in a tree-removal accident which required much medical treatment over several months.  In this particular circumstance, no employer and no insurance coverage was involved, and the financial load on Tracy was severe.  B.R.E. set aside March 9, Saturday afternoon and evening for a Tracy fundraiser, with the expectation that there would be a usual result – i.e., Eagles are people helping people.

From noon til evening, the TV screens show races of the day, and members pay to blind-pick number balls that decide which horse they are hitched to.  Winners get a small share of that race’s pot; Tracy gets the lion’s share.  Also various raffles occupied time between races.

DATE:  SATURDAY | March 9, 2019   Noon until whenever.

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